Common Questions asked at Trinity Townhomes

What are your qualifications?

A completed application for all applicants that are 18 years or older.

A combined gross income of all applicants of at least three (3) times the rent. Please provide original documentation of proof of income such as pay stubs, tax records, government assistance, or retirement/security statements. For those who are self–employed business license and tax records and/or bank statements.

Positive Credit, No Bankruptcy Under Three Years and No liens. All applicants upon signing the application will be authorizing management to run credit report.

Criminal Background Check: Management must verify there is no history of criminal activity (Misdemeanor / Felony).

Positive Rental History, Applicants must not have had an Unlawful Detainer Action filed against them at any time. All applicants upon signing the application will be authorizing management to run a UD (Unlawful Detainer) report.

Do you accept co-signers?


Do you accept pets?


Do you have a waiting list?

Please call for current vacancies.

Do you have subsidized townhomes/apts?

No, but we accept Section 8 Vouchers.

How much is the deposit to move in? 

$1,000.00 security deposit

How much is the credit check?

$30.00 for the credit/criminal check

How long will it take to process my application?

3-5 days depending on criminal check.

How many persons can occupancy a unit?

The maximum number of occupants per unit is as follows:
Two bedroom Townhome Five persons
Three bedroom Townhome Seven persons
Four bedroom Townhome Nine persons

What if I have bad credit?

If credit is a below average, please call site manager for possible options.

What amenities are included?

We pay water and garbage

How far is BART?

8 blocks


Commonly Asked Questions